Lamb Doner Kebab

Slices lamb minced and seasoned cooked on a rotating spit

Chicken Doner Kebab

Marinated fresh chicken cooked on a rotating spit

Lamb Shish Kebab

Marinated cubes of lamb, skewered cooked on the charcoal

Chicken Shish Kebab

Cubed chicken breast marinated in our special sauce skewered, cooked on the charcoal

Kofte Kebab

Minced seasoned lamb prepared with spices and herbs cooked on the charcoal

Mixed Kebab

1 Skewer lamb shish, 1 skewer kofte kebab and slices of donner kebab

Thanet Special Kebab

1 Skewer of chicken, kofte, lamb shish, slices of donner and chicken donner, 2 pitta, salad and 1.5ltr bottle of soft drink

Falafel (Chickpeas)

Falafel served in a pitta with sauce